Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Arby (formerly Rose Bud/RB) has turned into such a beautiful little girl. Her parents sent me these pictures. It's hard to believe this is what Arby looked like when we got her-- in horrible health and condition and heartworm positive. I don't understand not giving a simple heartworm pill every month to prevent this horrible condition. (We have had applicants to say they are "clean" and don't need to give their dogs heartworm medicine. You won't find two women who try to keep their homes cleaner than Jeanne and me- even with all these dogs-- and we know that won't make a difference on whether they can get heartworms. It's not changed by how clean we are. It's changed by a mosquito bite, and the heartworm preventative keeps the dogs safe.)Gizmo came into rescue and was also adopted by Arby's family. He had dry eye and needed more care. He got that and it continues with his new family. And he's a happy boy. He can't see or hear much, but he knows he is surrounded by love.Are you comfortable, Gizmo? Nap time, Arby?Oh, yes, they are super relaxed. His mom calls him "zanny little Gizmo" and I can see why. They also have a Corgi brother, but he wasn't interested in a photo session. Gizmo and Arby will just have to tell him hi for us.


lady jicky said...

I guess that corgi brother is too interested in the Queen!!

Happy for your Arby and Gizmo !!

Unknown said...

Is that our little Bonk? :-) We had him for the weekend when he needed to be transported. He is a LOVEBUG!!