Friday, July 27, 2012


This is Wheatly. He had another name-- but we gave him a new one for a new start at life. His brother, Bobby Socks, was turned in to the same shelter last November. We think they are brothers-- but we're just guessing. The same owner turned them both in. Why have a dog if you just are going to turn it into a shelter? (They "didn't have time.")Wheatly is only a year old. (Ignore the date on the photo-- the camera was "off.")He is with Marilyn and foster, Charlie-Bear. And Jelly and Cheech, Marilyn's two dogs. He is a little timid, but will fit in quickly.Oh, look at those teeth. :-)He will be ready for a new home soon!! He's young, so he should go quickly.


lady jicky said...

Oh he is so handsome Linda!!!

Doris Sturm said...

I never understand people who will casually take in a pet just to abandon it the first chance they get....thank you for helping so many precious Pekes and giving them a good life!

lady jicky said...

Doris - I am with you!!

Its like they grow no fondness or love for them and when it gets boring or "too much" - out they go!!

I bet they are "awful" in ALL area's of their lives too!