Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Look at this little girl. No, she's not a Pekingese-- but she came across our path.Lulu lives near me and is her mom's "other child." She adores this little girl. Somehow, last Saturday, Lulu got out. They have no idea how, but she did. And Saturday and Sunday were the hottest days we've had. Horribly high heat index of 110 degress. Her mom posted pictures everywhere. She put postings on craigslist. She contacted rescues and vets and shelters. Jeanne, our PVPC president, contacted her and put out emails and links to our contacts to try to find Lulu.And of course, Jeanne sent me the link since Lulu's home is less than two miles from me. My daughter was working on a paper at home-- and I had Beach Bit. My phone rang and my daughter said she had "writer's block" and had gone for a run. She almost didn't make the full run because it was hot, but decided to continue on toward my street. All of a sudden, she could hear panting and running behind her. Little Lulu was trying to catch up to Molly. She must have known that Molly would save her. Lulu had been out in the heat for over two days. I don't know where she was getting water. Molly, of course, picked her up and carried her home. She called me and said, "Mom, I found a Yorkie" and I just knew it must be Lulu. Lulu's mom came right over to see if this was her dog and the joy was incredible when she realized her little girl had been found. Thank you to Molly and to Jeanne for all the work you did-- sharing, emails and caring-- this little girl is home because of you!


lady jicky said...

I was getting very worried as I read this post and then ...... a VERY happy ending !!!

What a cleaver girl you are Lulu to find someone who will help you :)

Toni Davis said...

An amazing story with a great ending! So happy Lulu is back home:)

Marian Brzostek said...

Wow - the powers of the angels up above !! Yeah LuLu !

Doris Sturm said...

that is wonderful! I'm so happy! Yes, networking does really work :-) Thank you!