Saturday, July 14, 2012


I received an email from Desi. Her mom ordered her the Diva Pearl book from me. We still have more. We are asking $10 each (plus $2.00 postage). Diva Pearl's mom donated these so that we could raise money for our fosters and we still have some to sell. If you want to buy one, please send me an email ( and your mailing address. Now, here is Desi's email!Miss Linda and Starlight,
What a surprise when I got home last night! We got home really late (it is a hard life when your mom is a vet) and we were not even going to open our mail and then I saw a package from Starlight! (This is Diva Desi with her book.) Desi continues, "We are leaving on vacation today to go to a cabin in Tennessee and my new book will be perfect reading material for our trip. I am a little jealous of Diva Pearl. Just how did she get a book deal? Mom will try to do a photo shoot in Tennessee for your blog. This will be my first "on location" shoot and I am very excited! We are going to pack now. Mom says my suitcase is bigger than hers! Thank you for my book!!!!
Love and kisses, Diva Desi"Diva Pearl hopes you'll order a book to support our fosters in need!

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Doris Sturm said...

What adorable Pekes - and a great idea for a fundraiser...who doesn't enjoy looking at pretty doggies?
Good luck and thank you for all that you do!