Thursday, July 5, 2012


Desi's friend, Cassidy and Dollar had a wonderful Fourth. They were all dressed up. I want to know if the Hodges have a special closet just for dog clothes. :-)Cassidy is very patriotic as he poses in front of the flag.Dollar was one of their fosters and he stole their hearts. He had some "attitude" but loves his mom and dad. You have seen him playing in a lot of the pictures they send of other foster dogs. And he even has a patriotic toy.But, he leaves it alone long enough to pose for a patriotic picture.I think he's looking up at his mom or dad-- look at those adoring eyes. And of course, there is super sweet Fiona. She's a foster there, too. She has some disorders that cause her not to walk well, but occasionally she tries to run with the pack. Isn't she beautiful!Oh, there is that little tongue. I could just give her a hug-- but it will have to be long distance-- so her mom and dad will have to do it for me. She hopes everyone had a wonderful holiday!


lady jicky said...

Oh that Desi has alot of friends :)

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Ted & Grace's mom here - I am VERY impressed with the wardrobe & costumes & photo props that the Hodges have for their dogs!! Kudos!! And kisses from Grace & Ted & Tai (formerly Drake)!