Monday, July 30, 2012

LELE AND CHIP. foster homes needed

We received an email from a shelter near me. These two Pekes are in need of rescue. They have been in the shelter two months and need help. Above is Lele, a ten year old female Pekingese. Lele's family moved out of the country and did not find her a home first. She was nervous about being in a new situation, but warmed up with gentle attention. She would do fine with other dogs and loves to be cuddled. She can do limited stairs, and would do best without small children-- not because she's mean, but because she would prefer a quiet home
This is Chip-- his family turned him in because the younger children were being too rough with him. (Don't get me started.) He loves attention and having his belly rubbed and being held like a baby. He love to sit on the couch with you and just veg. He is unable to participate in a lengthy exercise because of a heart problem, but he'd rather just hang out anyway.
If you could give either of these a foster home, please let me know. I cannot take them to my home (or Jeanne's home) because we are just too full. But, these two need a chance and a place to be. You can email


Toni Davis said...

OMG! Chip is SO handsome, regal! Lele is gorgeous! (what is wrong with teaching the children to NOT be rough??? I don't get it. They are teachable, look at blonde bit. And, the 2-1/2 yr old with me now is very gentle with my crew! I just don't get it. Quite frankly, it turned out to be more of a job than they wanted to handle!

lady jicky said...

They are both lovely - wish I could take that old lady Peke... she would fit in just fine with the three old ladies here too - yeah, I include me in the 3 !!! LOL

Bonnie said...

Lele looks sweet as can be.