Thursday, July 12, 2012


Tommy came to us from a Maryland shelter. His owner turned him in-- they "got him from a friend" and didn't want him. They said he was 8 years old, but our vet thinks he is about 5. He was so matted that he had to be shaved down. There were metal pieces in his fur-- he was probably a breeder dog somewhere. Marian adn Jim picked him up from the shelter and here they were getting acquainted.Marian kept him for a few days-- she has a playpen also (originally for her granddaughter, but great for Pekes!). Jeanne and I use playpens all the time for our fosters. Tommy gave a happy smile as he began his transport to Jeanne's house for vetting. He was afraid at first, but then he relaxed and realized Jeanne was his friend and trying to help him.He was able to roam with the gang-- and even try out a dog bed.Tommy gets along great with other dogs-- he's here with Carter. Are you taking my picture?He had surgery this week. He had to have a knee repaired- he had no control, so now he will. (He will have six weeks of limited activity.) He was neutered, had a dental (lost a bad tooth), and had his ears cleaned. He's on ear medication for infection. He's also on antibiotics for a bladder infection. He was a "mess." His life is different now though.If you are interested in adopting this boy-- and who could resist this face!-- let us know. He can't go yet, but I'm sure he'll have some interested people. He's a sweetheart! If you would like to contribute to his extensive vetting, please go to our web site and use paypal or send a check. THANK YOU!

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lady jicky said...

He had metal in his fur???
Oh that poor boy but I am so glad you got him and he is on the road to health and happiness Linda !