Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Meet Pudge. He is a senior who was about to be put to sleep when we rescued him. He was in a shelter, that like most shelters now, was overfull and simply didn't have any space for him. We got him out. Just in time.He was full of fleas and missing his teeth, but he deserves a chance.Paige picked him up and Lisa is going to foster him. When Paige got home, her groomer was there and she gave Pudge a bath and a haircut. He felt so much better-- no fleas biting him.We will have a vet exam him, do bloodwork and see what he needs. Right now, he is clean, has a nice place to be and will receive love and care. Thank you Paige, for getting him, and to Lisa for offering to foster this sweet boy.

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lady jicky said...

I would love to take Mr Pudge .
Put him on the plane to Oz Linda!