Monday, July 16, 2012


I just got Bear-Bear -- okay, his name is Bear, but Bear-Bear comes out so naturally. His owner turned him in. Bear-Bear found the Pekingese pathway quickly. And took a big lick-- did you taste the border grass?He met all the dogs here and is totally a Beta personally-- he is not the boss, he doesn't want to be the boss, wouldn't know how to be the boss. He just wanted to be part of the gang and be loved.Scooter loves Bear-Bear. There is something about Bear-Bear's eyes-- you can almost see his little heart in them. I love all the Pekes who come through here, but a few have such a sweet spirit showing through that you just want to hold them close. Bear is one of those. He is about two years old, 14 pounds (but a little thin). He was covered in fleas (and I mean covered), but we have taken care of that! No fleas in this house! (Please don't send fleas because I said that.)This sweet boy is being fostered in Va. Beach and will be ready for his new home after being neutered next week. Whoever gets this boy will get a very sweet, loving dog. This one really touched my heart.

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lady jicky said...

There is a sadness in BearBear's eyes but I think its the fact that he just wants to be loved and wanted .
My girls would love him here !

Do you think he has a passport Linda????