Monday, July 30, 2012


You hear about my Pekes some. Usually, it is Starlight. But, today, I want you to meet my Scooterbug-- he's my therapy dog for all the new ones who come. He lets them know they are safe and will be loved here. I've had Scooter his whole life. I met him when he was only 3 weeks old. We called him Big Boy because he was an ounce bigger than his sisters (four of them!) when he was born (he was 4 ounces). He was a big eater and would push them out of the way. Eating is still his passion.Scooter has a big tongue!He helps me clean the dishes with ease.He is silly, too. He lets us do anything to him.He tried to fit on the shelf of the coffee table-- it was a tight fit. You see, Scooter is not a small Pekes. He ranges from 18 to 19 pounds. He's not the brightest Peke in the world. But, he is one of the sweetest. He still "has accidents" so sometimes wears a belly band. It took over a year to train him, but he never got the whole housetraining thing. Or maybe I just failed at teaching him. He has been a great foster brother--this was about 6 years ago. He was with Stitch, a foster who now lives in Maryland. He was with Annie here-- sharing secrets.Scooter (with Legend/Lootie) is eleven years old now. He is on seizure meds (since he was 2 years old) and thyroid meds. He gets Dasuquin for his back and sometimes needs help getting upstairs at night. But, he's a great dog.We went on a trip last week and there was a huge thunderstorm. Our housesitter could not find him anywhere. She finally found him upstairs, in the bathtub behind the curtain. He was finding the safest place he could get into. Poor Scooter! He recovered quickly and was fine. I love my Scooterbug!


lady jicky said...

Mr Scooter is the Dr Phil of Peke's!!! LOL

Kisses from the girls!!!

Toni Davis said...

Scooter is absolutely great. He always pushes through everyone when I come visit so that he can get attention first:) Such a sweetheart!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Scooterbug is a big beautiful Peke! It appears that he is a silly boy. He's bright enough to know that the bathtub is a safe place during a thunderstorm.

Ginkgo is in the bathtub right now where it is cool. I guess that's one of her indoor playhouses. Silly Peke! Fortunately, Ginkgo is not afraid of thunderstorms.