Monday, July 2, 2012


Pooh lost her battle against cancer this morning. Last week, she stopped eating, so her mom knew she didn't have long.Dee had Pooh since she was ten years old and cherished every moment with her. Pooh was fourteen years old (1998- 2012).She was a happy girl, and she knew she was loved.She liked to rest her head on mom's pillow-- and just watch what was going on. Her mom write this about her. "My name is Pooh, and I was a beautiful little Pekingese girl. I had very soft fur, bright eyes and a fluffy tail.
My mommy said I was the prettiest dog in the world. I played with the children in the neighborhood, sniffed other dogs and loved to be petted. I lived with my Mommy and Daddy for a long time. I played, chased balls, and rode in the car. I checked out all the other cars, and barked if they were too close. I went on long walks, and Mommy would let me stop and sniff lots of things. Dogs really like to sniff. I didn't like other dogs, and had to show them who was the boss if they got too close! I also had to protect the house where we lived, by not letting in any strangers. I even bit Mommy's sister and brother, but they said it was okay.When I got to age 14, I started to feel bad. My Mommy did all she could, but one day she told me that someone would come and help me feel
better. Mommy held me close and told me that very soon, I would see a bright soft light, and a beautiful dog would come for me, and that when I saw that dog, I was supposed to JUMP UP and RUN to that beautiful dog, and that we would go to a nice place, where there are lots of dogs and they all love to run and play. Mommy told me I was a very good dog and that she and Daddy loved me very much and that they would see me
again and we would be able to play forever in a wonderful place."
Rest in peace, sweet Pooh-- you will be dearly misses, but we'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Marian Brzostek said...

Pooh - you surely are a beautiful soul. The angels are now the lucky ones to have you and love you until you see your Mommy and Daddy again. RIP sweet baby.

Chris said...

It's easy to see how much Pooh was loved, and how well she was cared for. I'm very, very sorry that she has left her family, but I think dogs are loyal beyond what we can see with our eyes. If we see with our hearts, there they are, waiting for us, romping, playing, contented. Blessings to Pooh's mom and dad. I hope their sadness at this loss soon turns to wonder and joy at having been the lucky ones to bring her into their family.

If there's mud in heaven, steer clear, Pooh!

lady jicky said...

So sad for your loss - Pooh looked like a much loved and happy Peke to the end .

Unknown said...

So sorry for your loss. What an absolutely beautiful baby.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby. So sorry for your loss.