Monday, July 2, 2012


Diva Desi heard another Peke was coming to her mom for help. Dr. Hodges was telling her that no matter how many came, Desi was still her most special Peke. And here is the new one---this is Autumn. Look at her sweet face as she is being rescued.She is about to get a car ride to safety and a new life.After a long transport, she was examined by our vet in Roanoke. The news wasn't good-- Autumn is severely heart worm positive. She's in good hands though. Dr. Hodges will take care of her.It will take awhile to get her healthy, but she's young -- just 1-2-- and she will have a nice life once she is okay.I think Autumn knows that Dr. Hodges is going to help her. We'll keep you updated and let you know when she is available for adoption. She's a very sweet girl!

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lady jicky said...

How I wish I could have her Linda!!
Love a black Peke!!! So Rare here !!