Sunday, July 22, 2012


This is Mazie. She was rescued from a Maryland shelter last week. The vet thinks she is about 4 years old. Like a lot of Pekes, she sits pretty-- she wants something. A treat? :-)She sleeps well, walks great on her leash and seems to be housetrained. She can be a little bossy-- what Peke isn't! She is good with kids, friendly and playful. She may try to "chase" cars when she is on a walk though. You won't catch them Mazie!Her foster mom said she is lovey and likes belly rubs. She sleeps all night in her bed and doesn't get up to wander at night. As you can see, she is also very cute! If you are interested in more about Mazie, just email us. More information to come....

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lady jicky said...

This one is super cute Linda!!!