Friday, July 6, 2012


Here are Beth and David's pack-- That's Wylie at the top. Lily and Missy are in the second row, and Cosme and Teddy are at the bottom. Teddy is still available for adoption. :-) He's a beautiful boy!Cosme and Teddy are posing together with their special bandanas. Look at Teddy's face-- he's grinning. I think his future parents are looking at this blog.Missy was a foster failure-- she loves her daddy so much and they decided to keep her.Wylie is the oldest in the group. He and Lily were adopted together-- we took both over for them to meet and they kept them both. They sure transformed them to be beautiful dogs! Wylie was in bad shape and I had just taken him to see how he did with a home visit. They kept him! I'm so glad they did.Teddy, I love your wide-eyed look. Did someone say there might be a home out there for you? I know that got you excited-- it will come sweet boy. Just be patient!

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lady jicky said...

That is one pack of pretty Pekes!!!