Saturday, October 26, 2013


Chloe, a beautiful adopted Peke in Richmond, is getting ready for Halloween.   She was in  her red bows and bandana, and was contemplating what her costume should be. 
She sent me an email about her costume... You know I love Peke emails!  (Here she is snuggling with her mom.)
 I know she'd rather text me, but Peke paws probably get in the way of that.
  "You mean I could try to text you?"
" Hi ladies
This is Chloe and here I am having breakfast-- my mom took a photo of my Halloween costume. I'm Spider Woman:) I have one more photo that shows me lounging on the sofa while mom is working.
Here I am lounging on the sofa back in my sparkly costume for Halloween. See the pumpkin sparkles on my scarfie??"  
 You are so cute, Chloe.    I know I'll be getting more Pekes pictures in Halloween costumes.    I can't wait!


lady jicky said...

Oh Chloe you are such a pretty girl and too cute to scare anyone darlin ! LOL

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Love your Halloween costume, Chloe! Maybe that big spider and web will scare someone? And don't forget to show your bottom teefies! Hope you get a bag full of treats.