Sunday, October 13, 2013


 You remember Bubbles.    She loves high soft places.   I fostered her here until she was adopted.   Her new name is Harley Marie.   She is all of 9 pounds.   A tiny thing!
 She came into rescue with Roxie, who is still with me-- also a love bug!
 Harley Marie (Bubbles) was so happy, good with kids, other dogs, and so loving.
Her mom just sent me a picture of her.     Harley wanted me to know she was at the beach and having a great time!    The wind is blowing in her hair and she is having a great time.  I LOVE the beach in the autumn and I think Harley does, too!  
When they got home,  Harley lounged on the couch and waited for her mom-- she was going to the Christmas store next!    Oh, what a life.    Love you, Harley Marie!


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Sounds like a really RUFF life Harley Marie (Bubbles) is having! She's a cutie pie!

eagleangel said...

So glad she is happy with her new boy living on the beach........her new name is appropriate her other Mommy was Marie and she rode a Harley before she got sick.........Harley and Roxie had their own Harley jackets for winter. Thank you Linda and PVPR for all you do for these sweet to find Roxie such a wonderful home.......God bless all of you.....