Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Desi sent me a lot of pictures of her, her friends and the Halloween party at her house.  I know Desi spent a lot of time preparing for  and getting everything ready.    And then, she had to pick out her outfit!    She decided on the Spider Queen outfit.  You look beautiful!
 Alastor was hanging out with -- oh, my, what is that?     SCARY!!
 The decorations were everywhere.    Desi, how long did it take you to get it all set up.
 Julia is fostering Luna Lovegood (Pearl).   They were Lion Tamer and Lion.
 I think that little lion is perfectly behaved!
 But, she got tired of all the festivities, so she took a rest.
 Are there treats there for you, Luna?
 Madge was there.    She has a lot of heart issues and last year at this time, we didn't think she'd still be here.  But, she is, and she was very good about getting dressed up for the party.
 Dr. Maria was there with Gilbert.     Gilbert spent a lot of time on his back getting tummy rubs.  He loves everyone.
 Puji and Madge took a nap party way through the party.   They are good friends.
 Alastor walked among the scary things on the ground. Alastor and Cassidy wanted to be the Alligator Hunter.    Love their hats!
 Oh, snakes!   Cassidy, you are so brave.
 Dollar saw that cobra and backed off-- and then....
 he got brave and told the snake to go away!
 Puji had on his candy corn tie.     Puji has a lot of health issues also (liver failure), but he was still having fun!
 Madge, are you sticking your tongue out at me? :-)
 Oh, now you have your hat on-- you are sure a cute pumpkin!
 Hello again, Puji!
 Now you're in your outfit-- you are sure a handsome fellow.
 And then, the party was over and Alastor decided it was time to take it easy.    Give a party is hard work-- but you did great!
It was a scary event!


Doris Sturm said...

Such precious photos and what good sports they are... My Teddy's not quite that oblidging, but it sure is fun when they cooperate. Happy Halloween everyone :-)

Toni Davis said...

What great pics! I love the Roanoke clan and they always dress to impress for every occasion:)