Monday, October 28, 2013


 We received a request from a Maryland shelter in Baltimore  to take an injured Peke.    They called him Tron, but we renamed him Norton.    New start, new name.     He had been hit by a car, and they needed someone to commit to him, or he would be put down at the end of his stray hold.    Shelters just don't all have the ability to care for an injured animal and if the owner doesn't show up, they need rescue to step in.    We did.
 He was picked up by a great volunteer, Craig, and he had a bed, food, and toys all ready for him to get him to his foster mom.  
 Norton ate and then laid down to sleep.   He was worn out.
 He has a splint on one leg that is broken, the other was injured, but should heal fine-- in fact, he should heal fine all over.
He is resting now and we have to limit his movement so he doesn't use that leg too much.   But, he'll be fine.   He is 13 pounds (could gain a little), and about 7 years old.    He seems very sweet and will be available for adoption once his legs heal.     Let us know if you would like more information on him.    Just email  


Sue said...

Norton has alot of good years still ahead being only 7 years old! Once again heartfelt thanks for saving this little guy so he can have a second chance at a good love filled life with a wonderful family

Paladin2010 said...

My goodness he traveled in style!!!! He really ate and then played with all the toys before napping. He has a playful spirit and will make a wonderful family member for someone.