Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 We received an email from a shelter in rural S.W. Virginia-- they had a Peke that needed help-- could we step up?  She is named from the main character in a Disney movie about a Chinese girl who wanted to be a warrior.
 She is mostly Peke-- maybe a little Shih Tzu in her.  (The original picture wasn't great....)  She arrived at Lucinda and Roger's in time to have a Halloween costume!    She is only about ten pounds, a tiny thing.
 She had a dental and lost a lot of teeth, so she'll need soft food from now on, but that's fine.    One of our adopters saw her picture on facebook and said, "I want to foster her."   She fell in love!    When she had an xray, we found there were bullet fragments in her, so someone used this dog for target practice-- horrible!    She is safe now!
Mulan is going to her foster home in Richmond this week-end.    She will have a lot of love and great food and two friends to play with-- her foster parents adopted Tai/Drake from us.    If you would be interested in adopting this sweet one, just let us know.

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