Thursday, October 17, 2013


 Jelly came into rescue in 2010.     He was in a foster home and then adopted-- but....
 As careful as we are, this couple was NOT a good one to have a dog.    They got tired of him and just let him out.    We were contacted when he showed up in a shelter again.    I'm so glad we got him back, so we could help him.    This time, we were even more vigilant than we normally are.     His foster mom took incredible care of him, and decided he had been through enough changes.   He was home.    
 He has a best friend named Cheech.    They play and run and chase-- Jelly has come out of his shell and instead of hiding when people come over, his tail is up and he is friendly.    He is not afraid of being abandoned anymore.     This took almost 3 years-- but with dogs who have been through a lot, it just takes time and a patient, loving owner.    Jelly had that!
 Here he is playing with Cheech in the house.   Click here: ? Jelly - YouTube
Jelly's mom is fostering Paula.    And that is another story-- see tomorrow's blog.
Click here: jellywalkingOct - YouTube   We're so glad Jelly found his happy, forever home!

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