Thursday, October 24, 2013


 Pearl, above, and Alfie, were in a shelter and needed help.    The owner turned them in, and they hadn't been cared for well.    When their hair is coarse and dry, they need better nutrition (and maybe medical intervention).  
 They were together-- we knew Alfie was a Yorkie, but we pulled him so that he could go to Yorkie rescue.
 Pearl isn't super attached to Alfie, so they'll be fine.    We were happy to help.
 Are you looking for your ride?
 Here you go...
 Safe for travel-- on the way!
Alfie will go to a Yorkie rescue soon, and Pearl will go to her foster home.    Two saves-- I love it!
Pearl, now Luna Lovegood :-), is housetrained, no health issues and sweet!     Let us know if you want this little one to join your family!

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lady jicky said...

How wonderful they were both saved ! I wish Alfie a better life and I know you will do wonders for Pearl !!
I bet when Pearl is all washed , groomed and medicated she will be a beauty or as we say in Australia -- she will be a Pearler!!!!