Friday, October 4, 2013


 Gabriel-- aka Gaby Baby-- was  one of our foster dogs  and his mom brought him through a lot of surgery.
 And when he was all well, she couldn't let him go.  I was so happy-- Gabe loved her, too.
 He now lives with big dogs!   This is Panda.    Don't let her "sad face" get to you-- she usually has a big smile on her face.
 Little Patches lives there, too.     I think she's going to pull that rug apart.   Or find something else to get into!
 Oh, my, all these dog and cat friends.  It makes Gabe tired trying to keep up with it.  :-)
 Rugby lives there, too.     I see that they all like to get on the couch-- um, where do the people sit?   (Same as my house!)
 This is Sadie Kate-- she's almost eleven, which is old for a Great Dane.   But, she's her mom's girl.  
 This is Zoe-- she's hard to get a  picture of because she doesn't like to be still.  Do you play with Gabe?
 There are more there-- I just didn't get all their pictures.    Gabe is the small one though-- among the giants!
Gabe used to live near me but he's getting a farm in South Dakota!    (Well, his mom and dad are.)    Do you have your coat ready Gaby?    I sure hope so!  

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lady jicky said...

OK Gaby - I think I counted 5 dogs and one cat!
You will Never be lonely now :)

So happy to read this Linda !