Monday, October 21, 2013


 Okay, okay, I know now this one isn't a full Peke.   Slap me on the hand.   Sometimes, we get a request to help a Peke, and we say yes, and then, UH-OH.   Not a full Peke.  
 She had a deadline, (many shelters simply do not keep dogs long) and that always gets to me.   This little girl (11 pounds) is under a year old and adorable!   Not a full Peke though.    When I saw the one ear up after we got her, I thought "PANDY!"    She was a dog that came  into rescue years ago through a Maryland shelter.    We were told Pandy was a Peke, and then we got her, and her ears were just like Winnie's!   One up, one down.  SO CUTE.   Pandy is almost 16 now, and lives with my daughter who adores her.
 This little girl doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  And Winnie is housetrained.  
 Someone must have lost her-- but they never claimed her.    
 She spent time at our vet in Roanoke and they loved her!  
 She didn't stay in rescue long!
She is in her forever home, sleeping with her human sister, and loving her Peke brother.   Life is so good!   Even if she's not a full Peke!

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lady jicky said...

Hey Linda --- a half a Peke or a bit of Peke is better than NO Peke at all!!! LOL