Sunday, October 6, 2013


 This is Fletch-- he was turned into a shelter by his owner-- he was at the same shelter as Max/Pudgie.
 He was terrified there, but we knew someone could handle him since he had a haircut.    Our reps in the area went to see him.
 Of course, that meant, he was out! ;-)
 He is visiting with them until we find a foster home-- they have adopted Pekes from us-- oh, look at those fluffy butts!    Such beautiful flowing tails--
 Fletch is extremely thin-- I don't think I've seen one this thin since Brandy (of the Bristol 18).     But, we will take care of him.  He's pretty young, maybe 4-5.
He's a beautiful little boy, and has met big dogs, little dogs, and has done just fine.      He seems to be housetrained and once he is vetted, he'll be available for adoption.     Welcome to rescue, sweet one!


lady jicky said...

I know very soon Fletch will have one of those sumptuous fluffy butts too!!!! LOL

zapper said...

Breaks my heart to see such a little one treated this way. Wish I could adopt them all.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Fletch had such a grumpy face in the shelter, but looks a lot happier in the last photo. He's a handsome boy! Glad he has some Peke friends to hang out with. No more fears for you Fletch, and you will be getting plenty of food now!