Sunday, October 20, 2013


 Roxie 2  came to us from a shelter near me in Hampton Roads.  She is six years old. (We have another Roxie, and since those are original names, we just added a number to this one.)
 My grandson helped me take her to the vet.    He was very interested in the doggy stroller I have.
 Roxie 2 was surrendered to the shelter by her owner after she lost her home and had no where she could take her dog to be with her.   She sobbed as she surrendered her-- it's so sad to know this, but we'll take care of Roxie 2.
 Roxie 2 loves tennis balls and other toys.  This mini tennis ball fits right in her mouth.
 She will bring it back to me and wait for me to throw it again.
 I took her to her foster home near me on Saturday.   Just about broke my heart to let her go, but her foster mom is great and very loving.  (I get attached so fast and it's easy to do with this one!)
 Her dogs, Bubbles (white) and Festus greeted her.
 Festus was mesmerized by Roxie 2 and followed her all over.
 Bubbles also checked her out!  
 Bubbles is blind (has no eyes) but she knows her way around and she barked to let Roxie 2 know the way into the house.
 Let's go!
 Festus also wanted her to know she was welcome.
 He tried to lead her in---
 Bubbles is so sweet and had a fancy autumn bandana on.  
 Bubbles is so happy there!   She was adopted from us and  loves her toys and her mom!
 Festus, also adopted from us, is adorable!!  
Roxie 2 weighs 13 pounds, is good with other dogs and cats, but prefers her person.   She would love to sleep with you and lay on your lap all day.     She is so devoted, just like most Pekes.    If you are interested in her, just email us at  


lady jicky said...

I am just so sad for the person who had to hand Roxie in . I am saying a prayer for him or her.
I am sad Roxie has lost her owner and so I do hope this little one finds a loving home soon.
It would be fantastic if that person could update the owner who had to give Roxie in.
I do not know how I would cope if I had to do that Linda.
Life can be so unfair and tough.

Doris Sturm said...

I too feel very sad for the person who had to surrender Roxy. That must just be about the saddest thing to hapen to a person, well, a very sad thing indeed! I always feel "rich" because I'm able to keep a couple of dogs (or even just one pet) because to me that's what life is all about. I'm praying for both Roxy 2's owner and Roxy to find another loving home soon, but in the meanwhile, it's comforting to know she's got a friendly place to stay because both Festus and Bubbles are charming and adorable Pekes as well. Thank you for saving her :-)