Friday, May 9, 2014


Meet Bonsai!     He came into rescue last week as a very scared boy.  
 His shelter pictures showed eyes so big, as if he was just terrified.
 His owners got a divorce and Bonsai went to the shelter.    Why does that happen?
 He is a four year old healthy Peke!   He is about 11 pounds and ready for a new home.
 We don't know what he went through in his previous home, but he is a little shy and timid.   He just looks like he is having fun here!   He just needs someone who is patient and can give him time to adjust.
 We were told he was not good with men, but he is with Lucinda and Roger and he and Roger are best buds now!  
 He is still getting the hang of house manners, so a belly band will help as he learns.  
This sweet boy loves attention, gets along with other dogs and is a happy boy!     He will be at the Peke picnic next week, so if you are interested in him, make sure you have an approved application.   He is ready for a forever home!


lady jicky said...

I will never know why one of the "parents" will take their dog.
OK - he is better without them!

Linda - Bonsai looks like a lovely boy and I bet he will learn to toilet outside with love an kindness.
I hope he gets a home at the picnic - you know I am doing my Adoption Dance for him !!!

Martha Lambert said...

I do not understand how a divorce would put this baby into a shelter. I had two Pekes when I went through a divorce. My ex asked me only one time which one he was going to get. lol He never asked again. Because he knew it was over my dead body for either one of them. lol

lady jicky said...

On Ya Martha!!!!