Saturday, September 26, 2009

Princess-- The Queen

A Peke owner I just "met" through email sent me pictures of her Peke. This is Princess, a beautiful little girl.
The purse she's holding is her favorite toy, it's her "Chewy" Vuitton bag.
And she's super happy to have this floor length window. It is the first time she has ever lived in a place that had a window low enough for her to stand watch. She loves giving the other neighborhood dogs grief about walking past her turf.
And here she is posing like a queen. She was adopted from a shelter by her mom, and she is now about 10-11 years old-- she doesn't look it! She has many more years to spend watching the world, enjoying life.
This is her mom's favorite picture. Princess was not thrilled with these sunglasses, but when she saw her mom laughing so hard, she sat and posed again. We Peke owners sure love taking pictures of our dogs!!

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

Princess is living the life now! good on her too.
Moi Moi sends special wishes to Princess and says that if she is a good girl maybe Santa will bring her a designer bag ! LOL

Kenzo on the other hand will be lucky if Santa leaves him a candy cane - Ooo, he is Naughty!