Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Have you ever had a bad hair day? Of course you have! Our dogs have them, too. This is precious Jill Lee-- aka Jill Boop. Jill isn't a Peke, but she LIVES with Pekes, so that qualifies her for this blog. :-) She is one of Jeanne's dogs. Jeanne does our web site and does an incredible job.
Jill decided to roll all over the bed. And it's winter. And the heat is on. And that means it's drier inside. And when you roll around on the bed, you're going to have some static electricty. Oh yes, we all know about that. And now Jill knows, too!


lady jicky said...

Jill looks a bit like my Kenzo! He too has a summer cut and his long ear hair goes nuts like that too!
Would Jill be a maltese x shih tzu like Kenzo????

Potomac said...

Jill Lee is a rescue Shih Tzu. We got her when she was about 12 weeks old. She was left at my vet's office cause they did not want to treat her for Parvo. She ended up not having it.....she has been a great addition to our family and pekes. She thinks she is a Peke now :)

lady jicky said...

Jill and Kenzo need to get together and talk "hair"!

I am so glad Jill did not have Parvo. I don't know how you can just leave a dog but I know people will do that . Shocking!
I have sent some photos to Linda of Kenzo with his summer cut and the "ears". He is without his lovely moustache in summer which he is famous for and gets the girls going - :).

Linda said...

Yes, and I'm working on a blog on Moi Moi and Kenzo!! Get ready! :-)

Karin said...

Such a cutie ~ even with the static hair!
I'm looking forward to the pictures of Kenzo and Moi Moi!
I can relate to the out-of-control hair with the poms. They've got it growing out of the bottoms of their feet, out of their ears, and everywhere, ugh...

lady jicky said...

Karin - do you pluck out the hair in your pom's ears? I know the maltese people do and Kenzo gets big tufts so I pull them out - no he does not yelp and it keeps the airways clear and clean!