Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who donate to help pay for the medical care that our foster dogs need. The foster moms/dads end up paying for a lot-- gas, food, collars, leashes, harnesses... and sometimes part of the medical care also. We love these dogs and while they are with us, we treat them as our own. Some people have also sent me things to help with rescue and I want to say a big thank you to all of them, too. The toys below were sent by Margaret, who has her own flower shop in Poquoson, VA (Floral Fashions). She sent me a whole box of toys. The dogs were SO excited! I shared them with the other foster moms (and I have more to share). Margaret has a little Chihuahua named Sissy. She fell in love with Pekingese when one was "dumped" near her house when she was eleven years old-- she loved that little dog!
This is a new collar that Anna is modeling. It is shimmery brown with pink polka dots on it. She also has a pink one from Craig and Sylvia, but I washed that and put this one on her (and of course transferred her name tag just in case she somehow got out). It's beautiful with her red hair. (The little ladies like to be stylish.)
Barbara, in Northern Virginia, donated a box of things-- wow, it was like Pekingese Christmas. There were harnesses, collars, leashes, food, and car harnesses (I'm going to do a blog on car safety later).
My Scooter modeled the car harness.
He was thrilled to be doing this. :-)
A new friend is part of a yarn group-- she emailed me to ask if we could use some snuggle blankets for our foster dogs. And here they are-- thank you Penny!!!
Anna loves to curl up on the stiped one. And the brown one is on a chair that they like to sit on.
Look at all these collars! Marilyn sent them from Maryland. We've been friends for awhile now-- through our Pekingese. :-) My Pekingese friends are wonderful and I appreciate your support-- when you pray for our sick fosters, when you donate funds, when you send supplies-- and when you just email to say you are behind us. It means a lot and all of us in rescue say THANK YOU!

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