Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tony the Peke

We received an email plea for help from a shelter in Williamsburg, VA. This little 12 pounder had been there since Nov. 30. The shelter was full and growing with dogs every day. They asked us to help.
This little guy WANTED help. He was in a kennel area with a Jack Russel and doing great. But, it's not a place to live. He just wanted out.
Wait, do I hear someone here to get me? Is that rescue?? I think it is! I think they're going to put me in a foster home and take care of me. I'm a sweet boy and when they came in to meet me, I rolled over for a belly rub to show them how nice I was. I even jumped on the chair to show them where the leashes were. I'm ready to go!
Yes, I'm leaving. I'm looking at at the car that's taking me. Or maybe I'm just checking out how beautiful I am in the reflection in the window. Can you see me? Don't YOU think I'm pretty?
If you're interested in adopting me, just email or I'm young and sweet and not at all alpha. I might be the perfect dog for you! And Kim is fostering me and all her foster dogs go fast! Hurry up and ask about me!


Tracey said...

Oh he is HANDSOME!!! I have forwarded his picture to a couple of people. I hope he finds a home soon!

lady jicky said...

I agree with Tracey --- he is handsome and I do hope he gets a home real soon.

Pekiegirl said...

What a cutie! I'm sure he's glad to be out of that shelter!