Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wicket-- Earning His Keep

This is my grandog, Wicket. You saw him the other day in the "Saga of the Pink Beds" blog. He is the sweetest dog.
Wicket found a bit of sunshine on the floor-- he loves that "warm spot." But, Kallie horned in and blocked the sun! Wicket is just wondering what he should do. Poor Wicket!
I have Wicket's son, Scooterbug, who, like his dad, is so sweet. Scooter is my therapy dog for the new fosters who come here. Wicket loves his new human brother. He will sit near him, protect him, check on him. He is the best dog!
He lives on a farm, and knows how to wait on the deck/porch for his food. All the dogs go outside, and wait while it's being made. The first command is, "ARMY GRUB!" At this point, the dogs just sit. When the command "NAVY CHOW" is given, they all run to their bowls. My dogs won't do that!
Wicket lives on a farm and it's beautiful there-- you can look out the windows and just see beauty.
Wicket has two human sisters that he adores. And he watches out for them and keeps an eye on them. And sometimes, he just sits-- and lets them do his hair. I don't know another Peke who would let his "children" put clips in his hair. My daughter said, "He works hard for his money, I mean his kibble."
Wicket is SUCH a good boy!!!

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lady jicky said...

Hey, we are not going to pick on Wicket and his hair clips - Kenzo wears bows! LOL