Sunday, January 3, 2010

Licking a Bowl-- The Proper Way

This isn't a Peke, but you can pretend it is. I can see a Peke doing this! I know mine would.
Step one-- to properly lick a bowl, sneak up on it, ans just slowly stick your tongue out to gently lick the side. Oh, this tastes so good!
Step two-- Hold the side of the bowl with your paw, while to try to lick the batter off your nose. You don't want anyone to steal the bowl while you're busy cleaning your face.
Step three-- No one is going to steal the bowl now! This is the guarding position. If they take the bowl, they get the dog, too. Do you want this sticky, gooey puppy? I didn't think so.
Step four-- fully immerse yourself in the bowl. The more batter you have on yourself, the better. I think this puppy has a bit of batter on the outside and on the inside. He's resting a bit and then he's going for the cupcakes!


lady jicky said...

I can see one peke and one maltx shih tzu doing it too!!! LOL

Karin said...

That puppy is more than willing to pose for photos, and getting to lick the sweet batter. How cute!

Sylvia said...

Absolutely cute, but what will tomorrow be like for the puppy and the owner? Oh no!!:-)) Been there, done that!!