Monday, January 11, 2010

Is Christmas Over?.......

Okay, these aren't Pekes, they're Pugs-- cousins of the Pekes. :-) I thought you'd enjoy this video!
Wicket and Lottie, my "granddogs" found Anna's pink bed. They are determined it will be their Christmas gift from me-- okay, I let them have it. Anna has another one.

Anna was posing on a horse blanket. She watched us drag my daughter's Christmas tree out of the house. It was a huge, real tree! I got it to the front porch. I told my daughter to put peanut butter and bird seed on it and set it in front of the window on the porch so the grandgirls could watch the birds eating.

Gracie received a dog bowl with her picture on it!!

I think this is Henry-- but I've been gone over 2 weeks helping taking care of my grandkids, so I could be all wrong!! My brain isn't back yet-- will it ever come back? :-)

Darby was posing with the tree. But, then.....

She pouted when the tree started to come down.

And then this is our English Peke-- he's pouting since Christmas is over there, too!

Since I've been out of town, my tree is still up. But, it will be coming down soon. I've never had a tree up this long-- but when you have the chance to spend with your grandgirls and new grandson, it's okay to come home and enjoy the tree a bit longer. How long did YOUR tree stay up??


lady jicky said...

Well, our tree is down - came down on the 1st Jan!
Kenzo and I are not pouting for we KNOW Valentines Day is just around the corner!
There ya go!
Kisses from
Moi Moi and a bite from Kenzo :)

Karin said...

Those sure are some really cute Christmas ideas. Those two are determined to fit into the pink bed.
I could only get part of the pug video to come on, but they were funny. Pugs are one of those breeds that can make you laugh by doing nothing at all.
I don't have any grandkids, so I can't give any advice on the brain thing :)
You are blessed, so just continue enjoying your family. Who cares about a silly ol' brain:) We'll love you even if it doesn't come back:)

Linda said...

Thanks, Karin!!! Yes, who cares about a silly old brain haha.
Hugs, Linda