Friday, January 1, 2010


There was a little Peke in West Virginia-- her owners moved away, leaving her to fend for herself. She did just that-- finding food from kind people, and somehow surviving on her own. The weather began to get cold, and concerned people were trying to find her to make sure she was inside and cared for. This went on for months.
She was found and is now living with a lady who found her. She is living INSIDE and getting attention, and love. She is so happy!
The lady who found her and took her in has two big dogs, but Lucy obviously fits in just fine. She's been to the vet and had her basic shots-- rabies and bordetella. She seemed in good health-- and VERY young. She's only about a year old-- we thought she must have been older to have been able to survive on her own. She had tapeworms but those are being treated, and she'll be fine.
She needs to be spayed and that will be done before she is adopted. We want to make sure she is never used for breeding. She also needs to be microchipped.
She loves to be out in the snow and gets along great with her dog friends.
She loves to run and play, but then enjoys going back inside where it is warm.
She can curl up under her blanket and take a nap. She isn't snappy at all-- and she's a Peke!
She likes men and women and is calm and just a nice dog. Amazing since she was on her own so long.
Lucy is a big girl-- about 17 pounds.
All Lucy wants this New Year's Day is a home of her own, one where she can be loved the rest of her life. Like all our foster dogs, she deserves it.
If you think you can give Lucy her forever home, please contact Linda for more information-- at She is being fostered in West Virginia. Lucy says, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"


lady jicky said...

Lets just hope Ms Lucy gets a wonderful home for she is a diamond in the snow that one!
Sending positive vibes to Lucy and may she have a real happy new year!

Karin said...

What an amazing story that Lucy was able to survive so long on the streets at such a young age! She deserves to be pampered!
God bless all the kind people who helped her along the way and the young woman who has taken her in until she can be adopted.

Jeanne said...

Lucy is a very lucky girl to have found such a nice lady to rescue her. I know she will get a great home now.....Great way to start off with the New Year !!!!Alliemarie

claudine hellmuth said...

Lucy is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am in love!!