Monday, January 18, 2010

Heather and Brody

Heather just came into rescue. She came from a Maryland shelter and we were told she was so sweet.
She went to Brody's home to be fostered-- he's thinking about this new arrival.
She's convincing him that she'll be just fine there. Look at those long ear fringes!
Brody has a little snow on his nose. He's a beauty, too!
He's watching her-- checking her out to see if she is going to be his friend and play.
But, for now, she's settling in. I know Gloria, our vice-president (and the one who drove miles to get her) gave her this bed and toy! It's just something Gloria would do. She has such a heart for Pekes.
I think Heather is going to settle in just fine. She has her toy to give her comfort.
She is going to have some time in foster care for evaluation, but I don't think she'll be with us long!


lady jicky said...

Heather is in the pink peke bed and all looks well.

claudine hellmuth said...

what a beauty!!!!

Pekiegirl said...

She's darling!!

Melanie Samet said...

Gloria gave her the bed, but Britney (her foster mom) bought both her and Brody the toy for Valentine's day. Wasn't that sweet of her? She seems to be doing well there.

claudine hellmuth said...

I am in love with Heather. Also Lucy from W. VA who you mentioned a few days ago. Would love more details!! Also Anna updates are always good too!!! :)

Monica said...

What a pretty girl!!!! I hope she gets a forever home soon. A wonderful home like the one my little sweetie BB got. :-)