Thursday, January 14, 2010

LuLu Belle's Legacy

Remember, LuLu Belle? She was one of my foster dogs who was adopted into a wonderful family. LuLu died in December suddenly-- she must have been older than we thought.
And LuLu can't be replaced, but her family continues to love rescue dogs-- I put one of them on the blog the other day-- Sweet Pickle.
Sweet Pickle is already getting bigger. He's not a Peke, but he is carrying on the Peke Legacy of LuLu Belle until they have another Pekingese. (And if they still lived here, they would already have another Pekingese-- but they moved to California.)
Sweet Pickle and Candy Dot, the brown one, love to cuddle up together.
And Candy Dot loves to be outside.

They are both giving their mom and dad and brother a lot of love. Give them a hug for me Fran!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a heartfelt post :) I think people must learn and understand the importance of adopting rescued animals. Some are old, some are frightened, some are maimed, but they all carry the same need to be loved and they will return the favor unconditionally. Lulu was a Valentine's present from my husband and I can honestly tell you she was better than any card, any ring, any bouquet I've ever received. I miss my Lulu and she will never be forgotten.

lady jicky said...

I wonder if you will adopt another peke Berlin?
Lulu will always be in your heart.

Karin said...

I can see that Lulu was a very special little peke. The chihuahuas sure are cute with their unique blue eyes.

Pekiegirl said...

So sorry about Lulu Belle! So glad you gave her a wonderful "rest of her life"!