Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Special Blessings

Duchess was adopted-- and here she is walking through the snow.
Yes, it's better inside, Duchess!
Coco posed in front of the Christmas tree, but...
She was adopted last week-end. She is the sweetest girl!
There's Stitch in the middle--looking at Anna, who looks like a pink bumble bee. He was adopted too!
Lottie, my daughter's Peke, was helping with the laundry. That takes a special talent.
This is Sweet Pickle-- a rescue Chihuahua. His mom and dad rescued him and his sister, Candy Dot, after their sweet Lulu died. They can't replace her, but they are blessings in their own right.

We have a few more adoptions on the way-- but a lot more who need homes. Just check out our list to see who's available.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I know if I was back there, Anna would have made her way into our home! She is such a darling tiny girl! Belle also jumps into the dryer when I open it and there is a load inside :) The warm clothes is such a pup magnet.