Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sammy was one of our foster dogs in 2008. He went to his new home and has two Pekingese friends there. It was his birthday and he received a HUGE bone! Look at him licking his lips. :-)
He's checking out to see if there's another one somewhere. ;-)
Look at his birthday cupcakes!! Now this is one pampered dog!! Can I have one of those? :-) His mom said he and his brother and sister are all spoiled ROTTEN. He is like a big polar bear after he goes to the doggie spa. He loves to be loved and is a great snuggler.
Sammy is so happy in his home-- Happy Birthday, Sammy!!


Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday...Sammy.....!!!!

You made me are so cute....

Karin said...

Linda and Melinda, I think I'm already peke-a-fied and don't know it yet:)
I have a feeling if I lived closer, I'd already have several rescues from you!

Sammy is adorable and what a great Birthday Party he had!

lady jicky said...

Happy Aussie Birthday Sammy!!

In one photo he looks like a fat little Chow :)

Maybe too many cupcakes???
Hey, you can Never have too many cupcakes can you Sammy!!