Monday, January 25, 2010


Jeanne is fostering Amy, Cindy and Betty. Here are Amy and Cindy on the deck. Jeanne has the coolest gates up there so it can be closed off. I think her husband, Bill, can do anything. (He's building a room now!) Amy and Cindy are looking at something. What is it?
It must be down on the ground by the steps-- it really seems to have their interest!
They have brought in DiDi-- her one eye will surely help find out what is going on. DIDIDIDIDIDI, what do you see?? (Wow, that rhymes-- totally not intentional!) Cindy is looking THIS way-- and DiDi is helping.
Cindy is looking THAT way now. But, Amy and DiDi are still focused on what's below them.
I think DiDi is trying to slowly back away so they won't notice. Amy and Cindy are so intent they haven't noticed her gradually disappearing from the scene.
Whoops, she's back. DiDi, you weren't fast enough! Just lay there awhile-- you can plan your next getaway.
Looks like DiDi has been replaced-- Now Hanna is helping. And Cindy must be telling her what they're looking for. It's a mystery-- I guess I'll never know what it is.


lady jicky said...

They have just spotted Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and they are counting how many kids they have now.

Linda said...

You are so funny!!

Karin said...

How funny!