Monday, September 26, 2011


I know you remember Louie! He was the injured puppy we got out of an animal control-- we were his only chance and we took him. His eyes had been seriously injured in a car accident, but after surgery to remove his eyes (he was blind and there was no saving the eyes), he has recovered really well.

He is the happiest dog! He now lives in Minnesota with his family. AND he has become a traveler, even going to see the space needle in Washington state.

He has two doggy friends-- here he is with J. Edgar Hoover, his Peke brother. Even though Louie can't see, it hasn't gotten in the way of joy and fun.

And here he is with Saffron, and these dogs are all wonderful friends.

Here he is with, Linda, one of his moms and his dog buddies.

And here's his other mom-- they both love him so much!

This is how he looks shortly after surgery, but now his hair has grown back.

He loves going for walks and you can see him in action on this video. We love you, Louie!!
Click here: Life of Louie - YouTube


lady jicky said...

We watched the video and don't we just LOVE Louie and his family!!!

**Missy Moi Moi is VERY impressed with Louie's banjo playing by the way!!!

Sukies Mommy said...

Have been watching Louie from the day he got recuesed. We all our so lucky to have Louie story in our lifes. God bless this little guy and the great family he has. We love you Louie!!!!!

Sukies Mommy said...

Have been watching Louie from the day he got recused. We are so lucky to have Louies story in our lifes. God Bless little Louie and his great family!!! We Love you!!!! Ps love Louies video and his pictures, keep them coming

Marian Brzostek said...

How did Louie's Moms find him in Virginia? It must be an interesting story how they found him and traveled so far to adopt him....

Jeanne said...

Marian, Louie's Mom is one of our face book friends. The moment she saw Louie on face book she feel in love with him. We were so surprised when she submitted her application to adopt. Once approved she drove all the way to Paige's to get him. What a great story !!!!

Marian Brzostek said...

That is a wonderful story!! It restores my faith in humanity. Sometimes after reading so many horror stories about what people do to dogs ---- it is so refreshing to hear a happy story. Louie is one lucky boy.