Monday, November 7, 2011


Click here: Potomac Pekes 2012 by Jon Barrett in Animals

It's time to order your PVPC 2012 calendar! They are only $20 (plus $3 for postage), and the profits go to help our Pekes. If you are a club member, you can email Jon directly at Orders must be in by Nov. 30. After that, and for non-club-members, you can order by clicking on the link above. You can also preview the calendar there. If ordered in time, Jon can have them to you before Christmas. (Members should NOT send payment with their orders; Jon will enclose an invoice they can return to Dian, our treasurer, with their payment.) Here are the dogs who will be featured-- just check out the link to see their pictures:
Jan. - Colby & Mia by Tracey Bowry;
Feb. - Toby - by Linda M.
Mar. - Mike Roane's JoJo
Apr. - Bijou Ramos May - Chloe - by Jeanne
June - Jeanne's of Gizmo
July - Danny - Tiffany O.
August - MacDonald's Sammy - by Jon
Sept. - Paige's Cubby
Oct. - Carter & Colby by Paige
Nov. - Bella by Jeanne
Dec. --Opal by Paige

I've already ordered mine!


Jon said...

That's $3.00 for shipping.
Non-PVPC members can order direct from Lulu at

There's also a preview of the calendar there. My other 2012 calendar, photographs of England, also benefits PVPC. Same pricing as the Peke calendar; link and preview at:

Gracie's Mom said...

Gracie Lu and I have just ordered ours. It is so much fun to know who the models are and the calendars are beautiful. Thanks to Jon!!!