Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Gracie came from a "back yard breeder" and was so timid. She didn't even have a name. Jeanne named her Gracie McGhee. I love it! At Jeanne's, she learned to trust and not be so afraid. She learned she was very lovable and that she was cared for.

She's been adopted and her new family loves her.

Notice that she wears her tags all the time-- that is so important! Some people take tags/collars off if they're inside. But, what happens if they somehow get out-- and they have no i.d. Even with a microchip, it delays them getting home.

This is Bob the Bassett. He showed up in my yard last week-- three times! He had a tag on with his address. It turned out that his family moved in a few houses down from me-- and I was able to walk him home. They were putting in a new fence and Bob figured out my house was fun to come to so that he could visit with the dogs in my yard. Bob is a sweet dog! But, he needed to go home.

Gracie's new mom adores her. She said she enjoys her walks, the family room couch and sleeping in the bed.

Her new friend is George the Springer Spaniel. They are becoming best friends. Her owners just love her and are so happy she's part of her family. We are, too!

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lady jicky said...

What a busy Basset you have .... guess he wanted to see all your Peke's! LOL

I love that last photo of Gracie McGee on the couch with her new Mum and best Springer Pal!!!!