Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I took Shadow into rescue in 2004. I went to see him and realized he was kept in a crate 15-20 hours a day-- he couldn't even turn around in the crate. I know some people don't realize how cruel this is-- but WHY don't they realize this. (Dogs should never be crated for more than a few hours-- I've turned down applications because of this.) I wasn't supposed to take him that day, but I did. He was a sick boy, with bladder stones, bladder infection, and infected cysts all over his body from rubbing on the sides of the crate. He has to have these really stinky baths where he had to air dry. He smelled so bad. UGH. But, he healed -- his skin healed, his body healed and his spirit healed.

He was six years old then. That means he is now almost 13. He has gray on his face, and is the "old man" in his home now. I still love that boy! Here he is with Pablo (formerly Chubs of the Bristol 18).

Pablo loves car rides, but as I recall, they weren't Shadow's favorite things. (He did realize that kayaking was fun though.)

Shadow and Chubs like to sleep together. They are so sweet. Shadow is the best boy! Pablo is the court jester in the family. His mom, Barbara, says he is full of nonsense and has her son has "too much fun with these sweet dogs." I know Pablo loves all that fun! I'm sure he is just resting up for another play session.

For Barbara's birthday, her husband has this professional picture taken of the Pekes. It's beautiful! I know they are both very special to Barbara. And Shadow will always be very special to me.

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Fiona Ross said...

What sweet faces they have! And what a loving home they get to share.