Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Carter has come a long way since he was rescued from the back yard breeder when he was five weeks old. He loves to play and he is a healthy, sweet Peke. And handsome, too!

Sassy Marie has come a long way, too. She came in as a dog who had a severe neck injury and because of the donations that came in for her, she is doing great!

Sassy and Carter are great friends and now that she doesn't have to be in the playpen all the time she loves to play.

Carter loves to play, too, so watching them is pure joy.

Sassy is smaller than Carter, but that doesn't get in her way. (Wait until you see Carter's playmate on tomorrow's blog!)

Carter is very gentle, even though he sometimes gets the upper-hand-- or should I say, the upper paw.
They are both at Jeanne's house-- Carter has been adopted by her. Her house is a wonderful place for Pekes to be-- and other dogs and humans, too!! I love to visit!


lady jicky said...

Oooo , I do think that Sassy Marie is a super cutie and Carter is one handsome man :)

Gracie's Mom said...

It's so rewarding to see Sassy Marie feeling so wonderful. Thanks to all the fosters and the vets who work to help these little ones. God Bless you all.