Friday, November 11, 2011


T.M.C. Kozy Kennels T.M.C.
Kozy Kennels Is a family owned and operated, home based business that would like to offer affordable kenneling options for Rescue organizations pulling from the North Carolina area. We offer 24/7 on-site, indoor care with daily exercise available in fenced outdoor exercise yards. We currently have space to board 10 – 15 dogs depending on size.

All dogs are fed 4Health brand Adult Chicken and Rice or 4Health Puppy formula dog food. ( for nutritional information.

Boarding Rates:$10.00 per day per dog.(This rate applies to nursing moms with pups.)
Rates for weaned puppies, 2 months and over, will be negotiable based on size and total number of puppies.
Puppies are at risk to many diseases and we take all available precautions to prevent any type of cross contamination. Individual litters will have no direct contact with other litters.

We use sterile gowns and gloves, changed between litter interaction. Play yards are cleaned twice daily and kennels are sterilized daily. Puppies coming from shelters have a high chance of being exposed to many diseases and, as such, rescuers will immediately be notified of puppies that begin showing symptoms to determine the best course of action.

Worming, shots, (except rabies) and Bordetella are available upon request of rescue, contact for more information.

Payment options:
We request half board fee up front and for the balance to be kept up to date as board continues. (We are willing to work with everyone.)
-- PayPal – All PayPal payments must be sent as a “gift” to avoid fees.
--Checks or Money Orders Bank to Bank wireContact for additional payment methods

Contact info: Thomas & Maureen Lee
Home (910) 875-3822Cell (910) 354-7148

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lady jicky said...

Hi Linda !!!
That is a bargain at that kennel - I am paying twice that and it would be extra to do meds!!!
I hope many people take them up on this when going away :)

Still in Queenstown , New Zealand and we are going to do a jetboat ride through a canyon today :)