Thursday, November 10, 2011


Billy aka Mr. Winks came into rescue last May. He was a puppy who was losing his hair had other health issues.

His foster mom did everything she knew for him, and began to adjust his diet to see if that would help. It did! He is on a raw diet now of Bravo Duck, broccoli, green beans and pumpkin. It cleared his skin up miraculously! He has grown into an 8 month old, 13 pound Peke puppy.

He came to my house so that he could have surgery at my vet. He needed neutering, an umbilical hernia repaired, stenotic nares (nose) surgery and nasal fold surgery. I'll show you pictures later of that. But, this is the "before" blog. :-)

Mr. Winks is a happy dog! He's 13 pounds of fluffy joy.

He loves the other dogs and his sister Lacy and his brother Lafite came to visit with him. We have a house full of Pekes.

Don't worry about applying for this little one. His foster parents aren't going to let this one go. They have just fallen in love with Mr.Winks!!

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lady jicky said...

Mr Winks looks like the snowball I made ontop of the mountain in New Zealand today!!!1

Yes Linda - I got to touch and be in snow today!!!
We flew up to Mount Aspiring in South Island , New Zealand by helicopter and did 2 snow landings - wonderful but scarey waaaay up there too!
Mr Winks - you are a snowball you cutie you!