Thursday, November 17, 2011


Glitter, Odin, and Kai Kai went on a home visit with me on Monday. Little Glitter was timid, but let Kath hold her.

Kai Kai and Odin found out there were cats there and were on a merry chase-- even after the cats were long gone upstairs. Guess they won't be picked!

Teddy, Kath's dog, was very interested in meeting Glitter.

She wandered to the back of the yard, and sat in the leaves to check things out.

Isn't she beautiful!

Teddy wandered over to be with her.

He went up to sniff her and then sat down with her.

Then, it was her turn to sniff him-- hmmmm, I think these two could be good friends.

Of course, I took a lot of pictures.

Teddy closed his eyes-- I think he wondered if he was dreaming because this pretty little girl was beside him, but when he opened them, she was still there. She still is! She now has her forever family with Teddy.

Her mom has bought her a new pink collar, a new bowl, some outfits. She said Glitter is giving little kisses. Teddy loves his new sister. When they are outside, he will wait for her to catch up so they can go in together. I think that is so sweet! Take good care of her, Teddy.


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, I am so happy for Glitter.We are still in New Zealand - coming home Sunday. The people where we are now staying at have a Shih Tzu cross like my dear Kenzo and I was so teary and sad today . Seeing Glitter find a lovely home has brightened my day .

cby said...

"..... and they lived happily ever after." Don't you just love fairy tale endings? Way to go, Linda!

Gracie's Mom said...

Good Luck Glitter and Teddy!!!

Jamie said...

Very happy that she found a furever home, and with another Peke. Good Luck to them all!