Monday, November 28, 2011


We have a lot of dogs in foster care right now and if people could just meet them, they'd see how sweet they are. It's hard from a picture or a bio what the personality is like- it's something that is so much better in person.

Dinah is about ten (maybe a little less). Her family gave her up after having her since she was a puppy. They had a baby and Dinah was no longer the baby. It's possible to have a dog and a baby-- you just have to be careful. Baby gates are wonderful-- that's what I use in my home when Beach Bit is here.

She loves to totally relax in Mike's lap-- he's her foster dad.

If she gets much more relaxed, she'll fall OUT of his lap.

She's a pretty girl who just wants a home to live the rest of her life. If you are interested, please email


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, if I lived in the USA - she would be mine!!!

I do not know how you could just throw her away when a baby comes.

Rebecca said...

Grrr... giving up because of a new baby irks me. My Preston is not good with anyone, but I manage with children around him. I use the crate and a gate and take precautions. Pure laziness!

I sure hope Dinah gets a great home! She deserves the best!