Friday, November 11, 2011

MR. WINKS-- #2

I told you yesterday that Mr. Winks came to visit and have surgery.

Starlight was pouting-- she wouldn't even curl up on her Daddy's lap-- she stuck her nose into the back of the couch. I've never seen her do this! She didn't want to share.

Lafite wasn't too sure about being at my house, so he stayed close to his mom. Look at his beautiful ears!

Lacy was adopted from us last year, so it was fun to see her again.

While he was in surgery, his foster parents and I-- and Beach Bit and their Pekes-- went to Williamsburg. Before driving to Williamsburg, we took Lacy to see her former mom who lives near me. She gave Lacy another bunny toy-- Lacy LOVES her bunny toys!! Lacy calls them her "baby."

Lafite was glad to be there, but kept an eye on mom.

Then, on to Williamsburg. We went to the Yankee Candle Flagship store and had lunch on the old street of Colonial Williamsburg. We walked and just had a relaxing day-- so Mr. Winks' foster mom wouldn't worry too much about him.

I love the autumn colors! It was a perfect day to be walking around.

We had fun, but we went back to the vet to get Mr. Winks as soon as he could go home. I'm sure he felt like a truck hit him. He was sore at both ends! Neuter, hernia repair, and nose and eye surgery. But, he kept wagging his tail.

We'll have more pictures as he heals. He'll feel so much better now that the hair isn't in his eyes and he can breathe better. We love you, Mr. Winks!

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