Sunday, June 9, 2013


 The puppies went to the vet today-- they had no medical treatment, so we began with their first puppy shots.  
 Bennett is the brown one on the left-- look at that sweet face!   Baxter is the parti-color one.  They are very young, but will be big boys.
 Bennett came home and met my Scooter-- Scooter has been sick with liver issues, but he was still excited to be the welcome wagon for Bennett.    
 Bennett was very interested in meeting Scooter.    "I like you!"
 "Is he staying here, Mom?"
 Don't you just want to kiss that face!
 Beach Bit wanted to meet him, too, and Bennett thought he was pretty neat.
 Bennett is too little to keep up with Beach Bit though.
We'll find you a wonderful home, sweet boy!!

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lady jicky said...

How is sweet Scooter going ?

Oh you have to love that puppy!!!